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3 Basic Things To Prepare for Fostering in London – For Foster Carers

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015


Have you been thinking of fostering a child? Yes everyone can foster a child, whether you are up to become a foster parent or foster carers, you can get a foster child like your own. But there are things you should consider before you take a step to that, fostering in London is not just taking a child with you for support, it is how you take care of them to teach them how to become a good person in the future. But before planning, you might want to take a peak for the 3 basic things you will need in fostering a child. Here are the things that foster carers at Next Step Fostering need to prepare for fostering in London.

  1. Home to stay – of course, you need to get your home prepared for your foster child to stay. It would be best to make an extra space in your house for your foster child room. Keeping them feel welcome and reserving a room for them will make them feel comfortable living with you and they would also feel that they are open to stay in your home like it is their own. Right from the start that you knew you are able to get that foster child, you should prepare your room for a new member of your family is going to live with you.
  2. Adopted-girl-and-signStability to provide foster child needs – before you think of getting a foster child to live with you, you should also think for yourself too, like if you are stable enough to live in your own and can sustain your needs. It is important to make your foster child live with you comfortably, but if you can’t even sustain yourself, then you are not ready yet to get your foster child live with you. The foster agency would also not approve those people who want to have a foster child with them, who are not stable enough to sustain their needs as well as the foster child. It does not mean that foster child needs a mansion to stay at home and live with you, they just need exact place to stay where they can live a normal life like every kid does.
  3. Able to provide support for the foster child both mental and physical – the foster child don’t just need a home and stable income for you to take care of them. They need your support in both physical and mental mind. Taking care of them and spending time to let them feel the love of a foster carer would make them feel better, or maybe heal them from time to time of their past.

These basic things you need to provide to a foster child are just the first things you need to look forward, before you thought of fostering in London. You should be able to meet the requirements and pass the fostering agency trainings. There are more things to prepare in fostering a child, not just the place, but your physical and mental health too.